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Regain mobility and walk confidently with dedicated prosthetic rehabilitation. Get back on your feet faster with Align Rehabiliation.

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Meet Your Physical Therapist

Michelle Jamin, PT, DPT

Michelle has a passion for working with the limb loss population and specialized early on in her career. After working in both outpatient and inpatient physical therapy settings, Michelle felt there was a void in providers with experience working with the limb loss population. She opened Align Rehabilitation in 2022, with the mission to provide specialized prosthetic rehabilitation to her patients and to train other physical therapists on how to best serve the limb loss population. 

Michelle Jamin, PT, DPT, amputee physical therapy specialist in maryland and delware; training in prosthetic gait training and limb loss rehabilitation, owner of align rehabilitation

Our Mission

We stand as advocates, educators, and companions, navigating every step of the rehabilitation journey together. We are determined to be the bridge that connects hope, healing, and wholeness in the lives of those we serve.


 Provide patients with knowledge on available solutions for their comprehensive prosthetic care so they can navigate uncertainties with greater confidence.


Help foster self-advocacy so patients and their loved ones can make informed choices and assert their needs confidently in their journey to better prosthetic care.

Transform Lives

Restore our patients' mobility, provide emotional support, and enable our patients to embrace a more fulfilling and independent post-amputation life.

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