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Align Rehabilitation provides specialized physical therapy services and prosthetic training exclusively to the limb loss community. 


During the pre-prosthetic phase, we work together with your prosthetist once you are cleared to receive a prosthetic device. We will assist you in managing your limb post-operatively to help reduce the time it takes to be fit for a prosthesis. We focus on improving your physical functioning and well-being as you begin to heal.

The type of amputation you have will directly impact the type of therapy you will need.  We are well-versed in understanding the various components that comprise prosthetic devices, the different types of prostheses that can be worn by a patient based on their overall health, how a prosthetic should be fit for a patient, how it must be worn, maintained and how to identify signs and symptoms that the prosthetic is not fitting properly. Working directly with your prosthetist allows the potential for same-day solutions, avoiding the hassle of needing multiple appointments and saving you time.

Our mission is to educate, empower, and transform the lives of our patients and their loved ones and be a resource to all members of the limb loss community, no matter the location. 

Welcome to Align Rehabilitation

Amputee Physical Therapy Specialists

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