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Our Services

Whether you're a recent amputee awaiting a prosthesis or an experienced amputee striving for stronger mobility, we're here for you.

Pre-Prosthetic Training

Optimize your level of physical fitness and mobility to ensure a smoother transition to a walking with a prosthesis.


Advanced Prosthetic Training

Take your mobility to the next level with activity specific training like running, hiking, and work-related tasks. 


Functional Level Testing

We offer comprehensive functional level testing to assess your current mobility and determine your K-level. Your prosthetist can use this valuable information to select prosthetic components specific to your needs.


Prosthetic Gait Training

Personalized interventions designed to teach you how to safely and efficiently walk with a prosthetic device and return to doing what you love 


Wheelchair Evaluations

Discover personalized comfort and mobility with our seating clinic evaluation. We will assess your unique needs to find the perfect wheelchair system for you. We work with all local distributors. 

What Our Patients Say


Judy S.

"I was thrilled when I started working with Michelle (the owner). She had me walking normally with my new prosthesis. I didn't know it was possible! Hands down the best amputee physical therapist I have ever had."
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